Sunday, June 28, 2015

We Are One

A simple thought can affects every aspect of our lives from our health to our relationships.  “When two or more are joined” those thoughts (or prayers) are even more powerful whether they are thoughts of hate or peace.   Research has proven that when people come together and meditate or pray with the same intention, it can actually change the behavior of others?

In 1993 an experiment was done with 4,000 people from a hundred counties who did TM meditation for long periods time within the same day on the so-called murder capital of the world, Washington D.C.   The crime rate dropped so significantly that day that the police chief  at the time become a collaborator and author of subsequent studies.    .  

In a few weeks, on July 11th at noon EST, there will be an opportunity for you to join an estimated half million or more other people from all over the world who will be participating in something similar with Deepak Chopra who is conducting a Global Meditation for Compassion  His online global group will have one common intention, to bring more compassion to the world while renewing what truly matters, empathy and love.  It’s free but, the benefits will surely affect us all.   Mark your calendars; even get a group of your friends together.  Let’s do our part to make the world a more loving place.