Fran's coaching, teaching, and empowering clients to create change in their lives. Some are hurting from past experiences and want to get rid of that pain. Some feel stuck in their relationships or careers and can’t figure out why. Some have already set out on the path toward achieving their dreams and are ready to go to the next level. And just about all of them want to understand how to apply spiritual principles to improve every area of their lives.
Here are just some of the miracles that clients have experienced after working with me:
  • David, a manager in a large investment firm, now has a better understanding of the daily applications of spiritual principles and how to successfully integrate them into his work-life balance.
  • Heather found the courage to leave a job she was unhappy in and start a successful home-based business despite her fears about the economy.
  • Jane was finally able to find her voice and live a more authentic life after years of being controlled and abused.
  • Tricia allowed herself to experience a fabulous career once she realized how attached she had become to creating a life of unhappiness.
  • Tim finally let go of a painful family grudge he’d held for decades and now enjoys family gatherings.
  • Molly discovered that spiritual counseling is the perfect complement to her twelve-step recovery program.
Fran says, "I cannot cure you, but I can help to facilitate your healing. The time and effort you invest in your own healing is what will make the difference in your overall well-being."
“My ‘stumbling’ upon Fran shortly after reading a law-of-attraction book was no accident. After a few meetings, I was able to see the world in a lighter, more peaceful way and to drill down to my truer, happier self.  My relationships have forever been enhanced and I’m a more positive and hopeful person.  After a lifetime of going through the motions, I finally “get” and feel what this universe is all about. Thank you Fran! You are truly remarkablea godsend. Greg Penta
Today, my life is all about sharing what I’ve learned, using my intuitive skills to help you shed your limiting beliefs, and finding a place of peace that will help you reach your dreams.   I am 100 percent committed to helping you see the miracle that you are. After working together, I am certain that:  your confidence will increase as you realize how powerful you really are; and as peace and balance are restored to your life, you will begin to manifest your heart’s desires.
"Fran, I just know how much the world needs you now.  I have truly experienced HEALING and LOVE in its most magnificent form with you."  —Liz Serpa