Thursday, September 21, 2023

Creating Peace - We have the Power!

Your consciousness creates the reality you experience, it means you have the ability to consciously direct it using your intention.


Because thoughts are a form of energy, and energy is equivalent to matter, your thoughts can literally become matter. 


The power of connective intention, as it allows you to access the wellspring of oneness, unity, and interconnectedness, which in turn, harnesses the transformative energy, creating the conditions which make manifestation and healing possible.


This is one of the most fascinating areas of quantum physics research as it attempts to explain how our brain waves engage with the elements of the natural world and manifest matter into our lives. 


If as a society we all knew and believed this science, there would be less conflict over wanted material things, less jealously, less wars, and ultimately more peace. This is my reason for teaching this, PEACE!!!