I offer highly personal one-on-one coaching and counseling that can be accomplished in person or by phone. Drawing on different universal spiritual teachings, I can empower you to incorporate new skills and powerful teachings into your daily life – principles that will support you as you create an achievable action plan and move toward your dreams, peacefully and joyfully. Your newfound sense of peace can clear the way to the next step—whether it’s making a great living, creating a wonderful relationship, releasing physical pain, or leading the lifestyle of your dreams.

"I was really amazed by how fast Fran was able to zoom into the place where I was stuck. She intuitively knew me and my baggage without my having to go through a long discussion. It’s the kind of session that keeps on healing long after the session is over." — Anne Powers

How can coaching help me?

Coaching can benefit you if you have:

  • Unresolved thoughts about the past and worries about the future
  • Awareness of what’s wrong in your life, but your dreams feel further away than ever
  • Experienced a painful childhood that prevents you from having the full, loving relationships you desire
  • Struggled with feelings of jealousy and competition

Using my intuitive skills and training as a psychotherapist, I can help you get to the root of limiting beliefs and facilitate the release of what might be blocking you.

"Fran’s intuiting skills are like a laser, instantly getting to the root of the problem.  In our session she identified a block I created in junior high, which had affected my career and social life ever since.  After implementing a few great suggestions from Fran, I was able to turn this around.  I now have a job I am so happy in and am more comfortable in my daily life."  —Timothy Hilton
What is a session like?
Each session lasts 60 minutes. In that time together, we’ll discuss where you are in your life currently and where you would like to be. Together we’ll set out on the path toward achieving your desires by first identifying and releasing anything that is in your way.
And I won’t just talk. I will strategize and implement a plan that works for you;  I may use some of the processes I’ve developed to help you clear the energy of your past and get to your next higher self. I will help you focus on creating actionable steps to unblock the “problem” areas of your life, while also examining what is already working for you.
Besides traditional coaching sessions, I can also incorporate the following services into your treatment plan:
  • Regression therapy
  • Hands-on energy healing with Reiki
  • Mind-body connection work
  • Other work to support and complement medical treatments
How many sessions will I need?
Everyone’s needs and history are different.  There are times when you might require a single session, simply to reinforce information you already know but are having a difficult time applying in your life.  If you feel stuck or are working on a major life change, I recommend a series of coaching/counseling sessions, which may include goal setting and creating an action plan. In some cases, I may also suggest “homework” to complement our work together and help you quickly reach your goals.  
"It takes as long as it takes you to release the resistance. Could be 30 years, could be 40 years, could be 50 years, could be a week. Could be tomorrow afternoon." — Abraham-Hicks
How much will it cost?
Rather than offering packages, I give you the ability and freedom to work at your own pace—and at reasonable rates. As mentioned above, some people will just need a single session, while others may want to  work with me on an ongoing basis.