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In over three decades of private practice, my mission has been to empower individuals to unlock the boundless potential of their minds and guide them toward fulfilling their true-life purpose. As a valued member of Emerson Hospital’s Reiki and Integrative Medicine Teams, I've complemented conventional medical treatments with Reiki and guided imagery techniques. Throughout New England, I've had the privilege to present at various hospitals, schools, businesses, and wellness centers, sharing insights on the "Power of the Mind" and the profound "Mind-Body Connection".

My seminars and trainings are crafted to equip audiences with the tools to take control of their health and wellness, navigate daily challenges, and cultivate inner peace. I'm particularly passionate about empowering young minds, aiding school children in harnessing the full potential of their cognitive faculties to enhance academic and athletic performance, diminish anxiety, foster stronger relationships, and nurture self-esteem and confidence.

My program, "HARNESSING THE POWER OF YOUR MIND," draws upon millennia of refined mental focusing techniques. Modern science has unequivocally validated what athletes and professionals have long understood—the mind holds immense power to enhance mental acuity, emotional well-being, and overall physical health. Whether through mindfulness, meditation, creative visualization, or other mind-focusing practices, I am dedicated to guiding individuals toward embracing life's inevitable ebb and flow with grace, equanimity, and a profound sense of interconnectedness with all aspects of existence.

It's clear you're deeply immersed in holistic therapy and the mind-body-spirit connection. Your approach seems comprehensive, encompassing various techniques such as visualization, guided imagery, hands-on healing like Reiki, and workshops aimed at empowering individuals and groups. Your emphasis on complementing medical treatment rather than replacing it is crucial for integrating holistic practices into mainstream healthcare.

Your workshops cover a wide range of topics, catering to different audiences and needs. They seem well-designed to engage participants and foster personal growth and wellness. It's impressive that you've received such positive feedback, indicating the effectiveness and impact of your programs.

Your dedication to incorporating these practices into a hospital setting, as part of the Reiki and Integrative Medicine Team at Emerson Hospital, highlights the growing recognition of the benefits of holistic approaches within conventional medical institutions.

Your work appears to be making a significant contribution to promoting holistic wellness and empowering individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.

Mind-Body Wellness can apply to all levels of emotional and physical health and wellness.  The mind-body connection focuses on the interconnectedness of a person as a whole, and not just the separate parts of the body.  The mind-body connection can be instrumental in revealing the emotional, mental, and spiritual elements of physical disease. Becoming aware of the possible causes of an ailment could be the catalyst for self-healing. This work is meant to complement prescribed medical treatment and not replace it.  
Mind-Body Healing Visualization and Guided Imagery is a program specifically designed to complement current medical treatments, based on the concept that your body and mind are connected. Holding on to old and limiting beliefs can produce negative health consequences while positive thoughts are essential to producing improved health results. A customized Visualization and Guided Imagery program is an aid on the journey toward physical and emotional healing, and patients utilizing these techniques have been known to have less pain, less stress, require less pain medication, and enjoy a more rapid recovery. It is often used during pre-and post-surgery, during cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, and as a complement to physical therapy.
Hands-on Healing, The application of this practice is encouraged by the medical profession for their patients and is used by many hospitals to complement in-patient care.

Fran has been a hands-on-healer most of her adult life and also a certified Reiki Master Healer. She incorporates this gentle energy work and guided imagery into my spiritual healing practice as well as to patients and staff at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts where she was  a member of their Reiki and Integrative Medicine Team.

“Fran's innovative programs have greatly contributed to our center’s success. Her classes are extremely well attended and draw participants from far and wide. Results of surveys completed by class participants are brimming with praise of Fran's passion and her ability to create an informative, engaging, and supportive learning environment.” — Virginia Lieblein, Health & Wellness Program Coordinator at Emerson Hospital
Fran has presented workshops at health and wellness fairs, corporate offices, hospitals, parenting organizations, veterans' groups, women’s organizations, churches, teen groups, and at private events. Each event is focused on empowering individuals, building teams, and increasing productivity. Some of the sessions I regularly present are included below and I also offer custom workshops to meet your needs. 
"Thanks so much for a wonderful workshop. Very powerful.  Your workshop flowed so beautifully.  Let's plan on another workshop this fall. You are terrific workshop leader!” — Colette A. M. Phillips, President and CEO-Colette Phillips Communications, Inc and Unity in the City Board Chair

Please contact Fran  if you would like to schedule her for a specialized workshop or private healing event.

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