About Fran


Fran possesses a profound capacity for compassion and intuition, guiding individuals towards peace and healing in their lives. Through her diverse expertise as a therapist, psychic medium, and intuitive practitioner, complemented by techniques such as visualization, guided imagery, and spirituality, she offers a holistic approach to navigating life's challenges. As a psychological-intuit, Fran can intuitively read the energy of emotional barriers spanning back to one's earliest experiences. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for extensive history-taking and note-keeping, saving valuable time. Her dedication to viewing each individual as inherently complete and capable of profound transformation is undeniably empowering.

"I’ve known Fran for 15 years and she never ceases to amaze me with her intuitive superpower.  If they gave awards for being able to know just what's going on and what I need to hear in the moment, she’d be a gold medalist every time.  I have to confess that it’s not always easy to be seen right down to my soul, but I always grow with Fran. Sometimes she’s like Glenda the Good Witch—just as gentle and loving as can be. Other times, she's like a tornado dismantling every illusion I have. And the astonishing thing is her amazing ability to know just what will work with me. If she had a fan club, I'd be president!" —Michael Brown 

The testimonials shared speak volumes about the impact made on those who she has worked with.  It's evident that in her ability to connect with people on a profound level and guide them through their journey of self-discovery and healing is greatly appreciated and valued.

"Even though I have only seen you twice and have taken just one of your classes, the impact you have made on me is substantial. Your words come into my head more than you know.  You are on the list of people I am thankful for." — Pam Leahy

Her dedication to studying various spiritual traditions and personal development practices shows a commitment to continuous growth and learning, which undoubtedly enriches her ability to support others effectively.

As a trained psychotherapist, Fran has also spent many years studying different spiritual traditions in addition to:
·         A Course in Miracles–non-denominal spiritual teaching that Fran taught for over 20 years.
·         Universal laws like the Law of Attraction and manifesting 
·         Energy healing practices such as like Reiki and other metaphysical practices
·         The work of Byron Katie, Louise Hay, Eckhart Toole, Barbara Brennan and many more
Fran's believes if we know how powerful we really are, our focus will stay on creating the lives we were meant to live. Without the need for jealousy, competition or war, our world would become peaceful. We would see the miracles all around us, all the time.

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