Sharing—A Teachable Moment for Toddlers

The Mother Connection, 2010
"As adults, we have the same capability to make changes in our own behaviors.  We can choose to feel jealousy and anger, or we can choose kindness.  By teaching and role modeling positive behaviors to our children we can instill skills that will help them for a life time..." Read more...

Using Law of Attraction

Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce, 2009
"You may have heard about it on Oprah or Larry King. It’s been featured on 20/20, The Today Show, and even Saturday Night Live. Everyone seems to be talking about the best-selling novel, “The Secret.” But what is this Secret? It’s the Law of Attraction, and it is a red-hot topic in the popular media these days...Read more...

Who Are You?

Spirit of Change Magazine, 2006
"As soon as we are conceived, we begin to form ideas about who we are and what this world is like...Read more... 

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Journey To Forgiveness

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Law of Attraction