Giving Back

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi 

Uncommon Threads, Lawrence

From 2017 to present on Empowerment Boutique that Boosts Women's Self-Esteem Through Clothes.   Member of the Women's Empowerment Board that offers workshops and program to the women the Boutique serves.   Workshop presenter on "The Power-of-the-Mind" and "Mind-Body Connection"  as well as a round table discussion panelist on "Making Good Decision in the Face of Adversity".  


Si, Se Puede, Lawrence , Lawrence

Starting in 2016 to present offering a six week programs to both girls and boys groups on the Power of the Mind and Positive Thinking.

Together we learn how to better understand how our thoughts, words, emotions, intentions and actions impact our wellness, relationships and our everyday living! We learn how to create an atmosphere that is more conducive to learning and how to apply useful and special techniques to help us focus.

Participants work on gratitude journals, random acts of kindness, vision boards and the power of positive thinking!

A participants said:  "I am now more confident and because I shared what I have learned with my family they are now more positive"- Ashley age 11



I’m committed to bringing more peace to the world by empowering others through volunteer services and community work.  I offer my time and services to a number of organizations, and coordinate programs like Project Makeover.

Miracle Work in the Community

North Shore Women For Hope -  who has partnered with  Esperanza Academy in Lawrence a tuition-free, independent middle school in the Episcopal tradition welcoming girls of diverse faiths, races and cultures from Lawrence, Massachusetts. The school is 100% privately funded and relies on the generosity of its donors. Their mission is to inspire our students to become active learners and responsible global citizens. We empower and prepare our girls to meet challenges with courage, integrity, and respect.

Soldier-On  - , Leeds, MA

I presented my power-of-the-mind training to female war veterans living in a shelter that provides stability during a time of transition.   This program was specifically designed to help empower these women to get their lives back on track and to have hope for their future.    

Emerson Hospital 

I’m a member of Emerson Hospital’s Reiki and Integrative Medicine Teams. Through my collaboration with the hospital, I offer patients the benefits of Reiki healing sessions and assist with guided imagery, in addition to teaching the hospital staff about the mind-body-spirit connection.

Concord Prison System
I work with the local prison to increase the likelihood of successful reintegration of inmates back into society. I work with these adults to focus their attention on creating a more positive, fulfilling life and finding gainful employment, rather than returning to the circumstances that led to their incarceration. I help them learn to believe in themselves and give them hope when there does not seem to be any.

Social Work
For over 22 years, I coached low-income individuals and families to help them become empowered, self-sufficient, and free of government assistance.

Worcester Meditation Center
I facilitated meditation sessions for families and the courts.

Restorative Justice Program (RJP)
I facilitated and mediated sessions between the victims and perpetrators of a crime in an effort to restore peace and harmony to both of their lives.


Miracle Work with Project Makeover

Inspiring * Motivating * Empowering

The Project Makeover team works from the outside in to beautify and empower women. Project Makeover started based on the belief in the power of gratitude and the desire to give back to incredible women in the community, with the belief that the team’s collective expertise could enrich and empower the lives of others. A woman is selected to be a Project Makeover recipient, and the team gets to work helping a deserving individual build a strong foundation on which to inspire her lifelong success. My role in Project Makeover is to help the women apply the Law of Attraction to all areas of their lives; understand the power of their thoughts and beliefs; use their intention and vision to create what they want out of life; and learn how to harness the power of gratitude. I encourage all of the Project Makeover women to dream an even bigger dream!
 The Project Makeover team consists of:   

Celebrated author Kathy Spencer (How to Shop for Free) was a 2011 Project Makeover recipient. Before finding couponing fame, Kathy's husband was laid off from his job. So, she took to clipping to be able to feed and cloth her family on their newly reduced income. Now that her husband has found gainful employment again, Kathy continues to use coupons to feed her family, as well as the community by donating surplus goods to local food banks for families in need.  

Miracle Work with Project Makeover and Homes for Our Troops

In the summer of 2011, Project Makeover teamed up with Homes for Our Troops

Homes for Our Troops to reward the very special women who sacrifice so much while their husbands are stationed overseas.  I have so much respect and admiration for these women and their families, so providing them with the makeover service was the least our team could do to express our appreciation. The team selected Amy Brady of Lowell as the makeover recipient, with the help of The Blue Stars Mother's Group and Jay French, organizer of the Merrimack Valley Celebration of Freedom. 

Amy's husband Paul serves in the National Guard, and has been stationed in Afghanistan since March 2011.  Amy cares for their two young children and works at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston as a surgical nurse, and still finds the time for significant volunteer work.

"I really enjoyed working with Amy. She was a delight!" Fran Spayne

Miracle Work with Project Makeover and Holy Family Hospital Cancer Center

The latest Project Makeover recipient was selected through a partnership with Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, Massachusetts. Kathy Francisco is a beautiful woman who is battling a second round of breast cancer. Below, she is surrounded by the Project Makeover Team who gave her a makeover from the outside in on her road to recovery. Below, Kathy is pictured with me after we talked about the Mind-Body Connection and other holistic therapies that can help during cancer treatment.


Do you work with an organization or charity that could benefit from my Miracle Work?    If so, contact me about getting involved!