Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Coming to Your Senses – Disengaging from Your Stressful Thinking

Recently I have had a few people tell me they don’t know how to stop the negative thought patterns that are relentlessly stressing them out and possibly making them sick.   The mind being the most powerful instrument for creating wellness in our bodies is something most of us just let run aimlessly with random stressful, negative thoughts that will more than likely create illness overtime.    But, how do you stop that thinking?  What if I told you, you can’t.   It’s true, it is impossible to stop any thought but, you can change your thinking to different ones.   There are somethings you can do to redirect your thinking and one is coming to your senses, literally.  

Through your senses—with the ability to touch, see, smell, taste, and hear—you gain an appreciation of what it means to be human and of what an incredible miracle it is to be alive.  You will actually feel that aliveness and you come into the present moment and are disengaged from the previous negative thoughts.  

The mind-body connection is fascinating with so much potential to create wellness in your everyday life. 

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