Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Emerson Hospital, Concord, Massachusetts - Presents

Mind-Body Connection/Power of the Mind

What your thoughts affect your health & everyday life?

Understand the healing vibrations of your thoughts, words, emotions, intensions and actions and how they impact your wellness, relationships, and everyday living

You will learn:  
·         Just how powerful are your thoughts, words, emotions and intensions anyway 
·         The effect can have on your wellness, mood, relationships and life 
·         The truth behind an “aching heart”.
·         The impact your thoughts have on your motional and physical health
·         How does anger, depression and holding onto grudges affect you and your environment
·         Proof of how your thoughts give off vibrations that affect you and others. 
·         The power of the body's electromagnetic field

Location:  Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA 
 Registration: (978) 287-3777

Cost:  $35

Saturday, April  9  ·  9:30 a.m. – noon

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